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Thassos white marble factoryPremium quality marbles from the island of Thassos, with the expertise of Greco Marble SA since 1981. Thassos marble tiles and a variety of Thassos snow white marble in blocks, offcuts and squared slabs of various thicknesses are produced in our marble quarry in Greece.

Quality and expertise in Thassos snowhite marble, aiming at the optimum satisfaction of our clients, in correspondence to new market trends, is the essence of Greco Marble SA. From 1981 we have placed our orientation towards high-end projects and the enhancement of marble uses and appliences. The intensive usage of Greek white marbles led to the creation of our export portfolio, which led to the creation of our new factory in 2002 which has been evolving and adapting to the modern marble processing methods ever since.

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Greco Marble SA presents its unique natural stone selection of

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Thassos Marble

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Greco Marble SA

Factory: 64th km national Road Athens-Lamia, Schimatari Viotias, Greece
Offices: 19th km national Road Athens-Lamia, Ekali 14671, Athens, Greece

T: (+30) 210.622.8781

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Greco Marble SA is one of the largest Greek marble companies and Exporters of Greek marble worldwide, operating since 1981.

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