Thassos Marble Projects

This part is the essence of our analytic website on the Thassos white marble. Here we exhibit our creations in Thassos white marble in the shape of our customers needs. Please view and evaluate our esteemed work with the Thassos white marble.

We have divided the different aspects (Bathroom – Floor – Staircase – Cladding) of its possible applications in separate categories so that you can feel more convenient in your navigation. We hope that you will like what you see and discover potential ideas for your project.

Our production possibilities are endless and we can analyze the most complex designs and adapt them on the Thassos white marble. We acquire a large portfolio of works, so you can request more photographs to be sent to you. Also, if you need a sample of the Thassos white marble, we are more than happy to provide you with a piece that will suit your needs.

Finally, Greco Marble SA employs its own design team in order to assist and support the customers in the technical parts of the Thassos white marble.

Thassos Marble Bathroom

Thassos Marble Floor

Thassos Marble Cladding

Thassos Marble Staircase

View our complete product line in Thassos marbles collection.

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