Thassos Marble Production

Greco Marble SA is an important counterpart of the Greek marble industry. Since its foundation in 1980, it has been evolving steadily with a natural growth that enhances production expansion and fortifies its position on the global marble market.

Beginning with only a small shop and limited capabilities, today Greco Marble SA is proud of its two state of the art factories, which embrace all stages of production. Continuously by the side of technology, we incorporated the most professional Italian machinery which step into all production brackets, from Block cutting to precision slabs cuts and professional polishing. All that focused on the Thassos white marble.

With over three decades of know-how and quality projects, we are here to receive specifications and requests and we will shift our efforts towards the creation of a breathing space decorated with Thassos white marble.

Please keep in mind that our possibilities with the Thassos white marble are endless. We can undertake the most complex designs, translate them into our craft’s language and deliver the desired outcome in Thassos white marble to the customer.

Thassos Marble Production Pictures

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